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2nd CCI Land Cover User Workshop : Presentations available

The 2nd CCI Land Cover workshop took place on 24th September 2018 in ESA/ESRIN. The activities and key achievements of the CCI Land Cover team over the last years were presented: fully automated global land cover mapping at 300m resolution. It's obvious the datasets are being used by the community.  

The team took the opportunity to introduce the Copernicus Climate Change Service within which annual LC maps at 300 m will continue to be generated for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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Invitation to 2nd CCI Global Land Cover User Workshop at ESRIN (Frascati, Italy) on September 24

Dear CCI Land Cover User,

More than one year has passed since the release of the very first CCI 300 m long-term global land cover time series (1992-2015) ( that took place at the WorldCover conference in March 2017. Read more »

Progress Meeting in Mexico

Progress Meeting in Mexico

 CCI_LandCover Progress Meeting took place in Mexico this week, in the presence of the representatives of 7 different Mexican institutions.

A CCI LC package for sen2cor is now available on the CCI-LC viewer

This package is prepared for users of Sen2Cor version >=2.5 who wants to benefit from the last improvements of Sen2Cor Cloud Screening and Classification module.

This auxiliary data information is used in Sen2Cor to improve the accuracy of Sen2Cor classification over water, urban and bare areas and also to have a better handling of false detection of snow pixels.

More information and download on our viewer ! Read more »

1st CCI Land Cover User Workshop : Presentations available here

The 1st CCI Land Cover workshop took place on 31st August 2017 in ESA/ESRIN, and aimed at introducing the CCI Land Cover dataset in details and sharing experiences on its exploitation in various contexts from climate modelling to UN statistics.  It was also an opportunity to exchange on the appropriate use of this long term time series and the expected support. Read more »

Prototype Land Cover map over Africa at 20m released

In September 2017, a prototype high resolution Land Cover map over Africa was released. It has been developed at 20m, based on 1 year of Sentinel-2 A satellite observations from December 2015 to December 2016. The main objective to make public this prototype is to collect user’s feedback for further improvements. In this context, there has already been 1000 downloads and 17 000 views.  Read more »

Recent CCI Land Cover Publications

CCI Land Cover team publishes the overall work related to this project through peer-reviewed papers. Recent publications are available here below : Read more »

New video available : Changing Lands Animation

Land cover maps describe the different types of materials on the Earth's surface, such as water bodies, ice cover, crops, forests, grasslands and artificial surfaces. This information is important for tracking changes in land use, conserving biodiversity, managing natural resources, and understanding climate change. Read more »

A new inland/ocean layer compatible with the CCI Water Bodies product v4.0

The ESA Land Cover CCI project has now released an additional feature to the CCI Water Bodies v4.0: the distinction between inland water and ocean. More information on the methodology here

The layer can be downloaded on the project viewer:

CCI Water Bodies v4.0 showcase

The CCI Water Bodies v4.0, together with many outcomes of the ESA Climate Change Initiative, was showcased in an ESA - Planetary Visions animation describing the physical processes causing global sea-level rise.

The video is visible on the ESA space in video page.

CCI Land Cover products

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